Our mission is to develop a world where creatives and businesses can collaborate and create without limits.


We are a collection of like-minded creators who realized the industry was missing something - access to professional studio resources without the anchor of a staff gig. Coming up in the creative field means taking risks, but making the jump from employee to entrepreneur is a huge leap. We felt that there was a way to narrow the gap.


We’re looking for creatives with the guts to put themselves out there, for steadfast dreamers, and those who embrace the struggle. We want people without quit, who we can put on the path to greatness. If you’ve got the grit to see ideas through to the end, if you eat, breathe, and sleep creativity, you’ve found your tribe.


President and Founder, Terrance Price started his career as an art director in the advertising industry in New York. Throughout his journey, Terrance realized that he had developed a passion for building brands and cultivating creative people. He also noticed there were times when creatives, like himself, were undervalued and underappreciated. When he branched out on his own and started freelancing, he realized how much he could accomplish by just having the right connections. Terrance was able to launch a variety of brand campaigns for a fraction of the normal industry costs. It was after his experience independently launching brands where Terrance had an industry-altering "ah ha" moment. He came up with a concept that was derived from industry knowledge and passion.

The big idea: bring creatives and small businesses together in a space where they could feel confident and appreciated, learn from each other, and build a network that may not normally be afforded to them through traditional career paths. After years of roadblocks, planning, and relocating from New York to Texas, Makers Gym was born!